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Jen has been a sort of “jack of all trades” throughout her professional career. She’s done a little bit of everything and mixed them together to be the full-service real estate agent that she is today.

From her early career working as a project manager for the 1996 Olympic games, then having a floral design business and owning a retail folk art store Square Roots in Decatur, to creating a children’s clothing line (Lilliwear/Lillibands, named after her daughter, Lilly!) and now, as a realtor with KW, life has not been boring. The one consistent piece in all of her experience has been her love of sales and people. Combine years of experience doing this & that, and you've got Jen Newman "realtor extraordinaire"!


Truly, Jen‘s favorite place in the world is her own home. Jen talks about "that feeling" that you get when you know you are home. She wants everyone to feel the same kind of happiness that she feels when she walks through her door. The job she’s MOST PROUD of is that of mom of Jake (20) and Lily (15). She’s also happily surrounded by her many pets including dogs cats and horses! 


Jen's always embarrassed (& humbled) to admit to her various awards for sales over the years. In 2021, she was recognized as one of the Top Agents  with the Dekalb Board of Realtors (out of over 2000 agents!). She came in at #6 in Sales out of over 2000 agents. What does this mean? Not much, really. Except that she will work her butt off for you and has proven that she can & will. 


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